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    Hello,and welcome to Yangzhou Yinhe Machinery

    Co;Ltd! We thank you for viewing our website,

    and are confident that,like our many satisfied 

    customers,you will find what you are looking for 

    here. After founding in 2000,we have had more

    than 10 years of maufacturing experience.

    With the basic principle of continuous renewal by

    using the latest technologies and production of 

    carbon seamless steel tubes in international

    standards and performance with low costs, Yinhe

    Machinery has been to be one of the leading 

    companies manufacturing world class cold drawn 

    tubes 、honed tubes and RTB steel tubes.


    Add:Jiangsu Yangzhou
    Tel:0514-86426788 86921899
      Add:Jiangsu Yangzhou  Tel:0514-86426788 86921899    
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